Welcome To CEPM & Partners Engineers

Founded in 2009, CEPM is an established civil and structural engineering consultancy firm based in Namibia. With its roots in structural engineering and management of transportation projects, the company has grown to cover a wider spectrum of engineering fields including municipal, mechanical and electrical engineering.



It is CEPM’s mission to:
• Provide engineering solutions suited to the needs of developing countries while maintaining international standards.
• Support Namibian Development Policies and respond to African Infrastructural Needs.
• Build long-lasting relationships with clients by contributing to their success.
• Equip the next generation by providing training opportunities for aspiring engineers and technicians.
• Maintain high professional and ethical standards in its operations.


The preferred infrastructure development consultant in Namibia and one of the leading engineering companies in Africa.


• Excellence
• Ethics
• Mutual Respect
• Environmental protection
• Innovation
• Integrity