Our expertise can be applied in the analysis and design of both building and civil engineering structures. Working within multi-disciplinary teams on various projects, it is our structural engineers’ responsibility to ensure that all structures are safe and able to fulfill their intended function. We are able to work with the following materials:
Steel | Plain and Reinforced Concrete | Pre-stressed Concrete | Masonry | Timber | Aluminium | Roofing materials
Our services include:
• Design and inspection of residential, commercial, institutional and industrial structures
• Design of structures for transportation, water and wastewater infrastructure
• Planning and supervision of Rehabilitations and Demolitions
• Building Information Modelling using Revit



We provide master planning, evaluation, design, contract documentation, procurement and construction supervision services to local authorities and private developers. We ensure the optimization & coordinated construction of the following infra-structure:
• Water supply and distribution,
• Wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal
• Gravel and Paved Roads and sidewalks
• Storm water Systems
• Sanitary Landfills
• Electrical reticulation and street lighting



We provide support services to building engineering through:
• Drainage studies
• Site layout design
• Water supply and drainage design
• Hydrology studies and storm water design



Our registered engineers are available to investigate, analyze and assess structures for all types of damage and provide you with advice. We provide the following services:
• Structural/Building assessments, inspections and forensic investigations
• Investigation and reporting of building and structural defects and damage causation
• Remediation advice and disaster assessment
• Pre-purchase building inspections for residential, commercial and industrial properties
• General building inspections for risk assessment and maintenance recommendations



Our Planning and feasibility studies services include:
• Infrastructure Master Plans
• Assessment of existing infrastructure and recommendations for improvements
• Preliminary designs with options and cost-benefit analysis
• Topographical and Geotechnical Studies



From the conception of a project to its commission, CEPM will assist the client to ensure successful delivery of the project. We provide procurement services including tender documentation and adjudication. During construction, our team will, on behalf of the client, supervise the contractor to ensure adherence to specifications, time frames and budget.



CEPM can perform the following tasks using their in-house capacity and in partnership with registered land surveyors:
• Survey existing conditions including topography, existing buildings and infrastructure; both overground and underground
• Staking out reference points and markers that will guide the construction of new structures such as roads, buildings, and municipal services
• Verify the location of structures during construction;
• As-Built surveys at the end of construction to verify that the work was completed to specifications set on plans.



We conduct field investigations and work together with various laboratories throughout Namibia to investigate subsurface conditions and predict soil behavior. This is an important activity to be carried out before construction in order to gain an under-standing of the area in which engineering will take place. Geotechnical investigations inform the analysis and designs of earth-works, structure foundations, retaining walls, roadworks, pipe trenches, excavation support, pavement subgrades, tunnels, bridges, dams, sanitary landfills and other systems that are supported by soil or rock.



Our Mechanical Engineers provide services complementing structural and civil engineering such as:
• Sewer and Water Pump Stations, including Solar Pumping
• Building Services: Plumbing, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Fire protection



We have capabilities to provide the following electrical engineering services:
• Lighting systems and controls
• Power distribution system design
• Emergency and stand-by power generators
• Site lighting layouts and calculations
• Electrical System Evaluation
• Energy Audits